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Meet our Team

Meet our talented and dedicated trainers and choreographers. 

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Viji trained in Barathanatyam during earlyer years, and later learnt different dance forms on Indian bollywood and folk styles.She has 20 years of expereince performing in Australia and more than 10 years overseas



Nishraj is a very experienced performer and entertainer in reality TV shows. Nishraj enjoys performing and teaching. Nishraj is good with all styles of dancing. 



Parvathy has many years of performance expereince. Her specialsiation is semi-classical and fusion style dances. Parvathy enjoys teaching and performing.



Ciril is a bollywood and folk dancer. Ciril has choreographed and performed many dances over the years. Ciril is also a singer. Ciril enjoys performing with the team.

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Shilpa has more than 15 years expereince performing. Shilpa enjoys all styles of dancing and is a very talented artist. Shilpa choreographs dances for the professional team. 

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Rithika is a student teacher. She has 12 years of experience performing different genres of dancing. She enjoys performing and assisting in choreography.

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