Kids Class

Pre-Primary & Primary 

This class helps kids understand the basic movements and simple steps.  A very enjoyable and fun filled lesson for pre-school and pre-primary kids.

3 - 6 years

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Kids Class


This class introduces different styles and techniques of bollywood dancing .  Brings unique talent and style to their dancing. Helps kids learn to dance in a group.

7 - 9 years

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Kids Class

Special Groups

Specially organised groups and / or solo classes for events like Diwali, Onam, Christmas & Independence day. It is booked at least 6 weeks before the event.

All age groups

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Kids Class

Senior Kids

This class is for older kids with some experience in dancing. These Kids are usually in the beginners are intermediate level. Kids are proficient can move up to the Pre-Professional Group.

10 years & Above


Kids Class

Pre-Professional Girls

This class is for experienced kids. It introduces advanced dancing techniques and opportunities for kids to perform with the professional group. Proficient performers can move to the Professional Group.

13 years & Above

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Kids Class

Pre-Professional Boys

This class is for boys who have the potential to become performers. The boys will have a mentor from the professional group and will be introduced to advanced dancing techniques.

13 years & Above


Adults Class

Fun & fitness

The adults class aims to bring fun & fitness through bollywood dancing. These classes are suitable for beginners & intermediate levels.  Members can choose to perform. or simply attend classes for fun

All age groups



Professional Group

The Professional Performance group consists of the core members of the school. These members have experience in dancing and are passionate about stage performances.





Hire us for your special events or for specially organised workshops.  Our core group members shall give you a taste of bollywood. Unleash the bollywood in you. Experience the world of bollywood.