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Professional Group

Costume, Hair & Make-up for Girls

  • Girls - Black hip hop pants, Gold top, black nettet over the gold top. Accessories - a pair of egytian style bracing bangles, gold hip belts. All these provided by the school.

  • Please secure the hip belts with safety pins to adjust to fit to your sizes. Also, pin the belt to your pants or belt lopps. I do not want to see any belts sliding off or falling. 

  • Girls - I have 10 pairs of gold shoes which I will bring next Friday rehearsal. Try it on if it does not fit then please wear your own white socks and black shoes. Please do not wear school sheos as they are not suitable for dancing. Any sports black shoe is fine. If it fits, just wear the gold shoes with no lights.

  • Make-up - fondation, powder, concealer, bronze gold eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, red lipstick, rouge. 

  • Hair straightened, high pony tail. Use only black hair ties no colour ties. Unless some one can bring gold hair tie for all. I like braided hair in to pony tail. No rule for which side you should braid, everyone can do different sides and different styles but please have atleast one braid into pony tail. Picture sample shown. 

  • Clean and neaty brushed hair. No lose hairs outside. No pulling hair out to sides. All hair must be tied in to pony tail. Please do not use hair oil. Use only hair gel, cream or spray. No frizzy hair or baby hair flying out. All hair must be set with hair product. 

Costume, Hair & Make-up for Boys

  • Boys - Gold sequin shirt, black hip-hop pants provided by school

  • Please select the correct fit gold shoe. However, if the whole group is wearing black please disccuss and if appropriate just wear black shoes. In which case bring your own white socks and black shoes. 

  • Black shoes should be clean. Please do not use school shoes as they are not suitable for dancing. 

  • Light powder make-up for face is fine

  • Hair can be done in any style 

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After the performance please keep the costumes. No need to return it. Costumes need to be used for Kiamasala and Canberra.

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