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Junior Kids Group

Costume, Hair & Make-up for Girls

  • Girls - Black and Red dress provided by school. Accessories and hair piece will be provided on the day if required.

  • Girls - bring your own skin tan tights. If you need too buy ask for jazz tan tights. DONOT buy ballet pink tights. Bring your own dress up shoes. Sample attached available in shops like H&M for $19. Please DONOT use school shoes. 

  • Hair neatly tied in a pony tail half up and half down. No frizzy hair and please no hair oil. Use hair gel, cream or spray only.. No lose baby hair outside. Fringes must be taken back and tied into pony tail. No hairs hanging out. See the picture to get a clean finish. STRICTLY NO COLOUR HAIR TIE. USE ONLY BLACK HAIR TIE.

junior girls costume.png
junior girls shoes.png

Costume, Hair & Make-up for Boys

  • Boys - Red and black Jacket provided by school. 

  • Boys - Bring your own black t-shirt, black pants, white socks, black shoes.

  • Hair neatly brushed and apply spray if required. You can do your own hair styles. 

  • Black shoes should be clean. Make sure your black shoes are suitable for dancing - please do not use school shoes. 

  • Light powder make-up for face is fine

All costumes and accessories should be returned to Sanggavai in the costume bag in the same condition after the performance

junior girls hair.png
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