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TIGS Diwali

This page provides information on TIGS Diwali

Date: Saturday 4th of November
Time: 4pm onwards
Venue: 10/12 Western Ave, Wollongong NSW 2500


When is it?

Saturday 4th of November.

Where is it?

Event is held at TIGS - The Illawarra Grammar School.

How do I get there?

Entry via Powell Street, West Wollongong. At the traffic lights on princess highway turn right in to Powell Stree if coming from Sounth. If coming from North just before the school at the traffic lights turn left into Powell Street. At the end of road entry to school car park is available on the right.

Where do I park my car?

Please note, the TIGS school car park can only acoomodate certain number of cars. If you are late you will not be able to find a car park. So, please come early to find a car park inside the school.

 What time should I get there?

Event is from 4pm to 10pm. Since Bollywood Exclusive Dance School is doing Finale we can be there by 4pm.

Where should I meet?

Parents and students, the school will have a green room designated for our students. Teachers and assistants will be in green room to help you on the day. 

Who should I meet?

Admin Staff and Teachers Assistants will be present in the green room. Please meet them when you bring your child. 

What about participant tickets?

All participant tickets will be retained by the school. We will provide it to the organisers and get the wrist band. On arrival your children will be given the wrist bands in the green room. 

What about parent tickets?

All parent/family tickets will be distributed to families on Sudnay 29 October when you come for Diwali Rehearsal Practice. In case if parents are having trouble on the day please meet Sanggavai in the green room as we will have online copies. Sanggavai will also send online copies to you. 

Can I drop off the kids at the green room?

Yes please drop off the kids at the green room. Teachers Assistants and other staff will be available in the green to look after them.

When should I pick the kids again?

Once performance is finished parents are asked to come to the green room to collect their children.  Unless you have made prior arrangements with other parents or myself. Please note children cannot be left unattended. The school will not be responsible to mind the children after the performance. 

What should I bring?

It is going to be a long day so please come with hair and make up done. Come in casual clothes only. Since our program is the final one, we will change at a suitable time so we are not waiting in costume for a long time. Ensure children come with drink bottles and snacks if the food provided at the venue is not suitable for them because dinner will be a bit late. Please DONOT forget your costume bags. 


What about costumes? 

All costumes will be handed out to children on Sunday 29th October.  It is the parent's responsibility to check the sizes and take costumes and any accessories. Please DONOT forget to bring your costume for Diwali event on Saturday 4th of November.

Performance & Costume Details

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